Cleaning Gives me a Headache


Over the years I seem to have developed a sensitivity to cleaning products. I was never much of a clean freak to begin with, but knowing I would have to deal with a whopping headache for the rest of the day after scrubbing the kitchen sink made me not want to do it even more! I’ve played around with store bought “natural” products….they were better for my head but sometimes not so great for cleaning. The cost didn’t appeal to me in most cases either, especially when I had to use double the amount in order to do a halfway decent job.

And then I discovered Pinterest. OMGosh….sooooo many awesome pins with sooooo many homemade cleaning solutions! I’ve made my own laundry detergent….super cheap and fairly easy to do. I swear by my all-purpose spray, it’s my go-to for EVERYthing! But…I’m not too fond of the lingering vinegar smell throughout my house when I’m done cleaning. I’ve wanted to add some sort of scent to my spray, but didn’t quite know what.


I think I need to talk to a friend about essential oils. Especially after reading an article from Food Matters this morning. You can find it here on my Pinterest board

What essential oil scent would say “clean” to you? Lemon, orange, tea tree, eucalyptus….those are only a few the article mentioned. I may have to get a few and experiment. I know I want some lavender for the bedroom…nice and relaxing. I think I will need to do some more research (the reading/perusing kind, not the cleaning kind 😉 ) this weekend.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’ll be celebrating with some beer and corned beef sandwiches at our local Moose Lodge with my hubby and parents. Live music, good food, friends and shenanigans….nothing much better than that. Stay safe! Remember, moderation is key, and NO drinking and driving!


Jumping in With Both Feet

Seems I’m doing that a lot lately….jumping in with both feet. If I think too much about something, I don’t do anything. It gets to swirling in my brain, all the pros and cons, and then I get overwhelmed. Me and Overwhelm don’t get along very well. Overwhelm makes me shut down. Give up before I even start.

So now…now I take note of my excitement about something. I try not to dwell on the what-ifs, which could be a bad thing! 😀 But I find that it’s making me step out of my comfort zone, which is a GOOD thing! I’ve lived my life NOT living, and I’m so freakin’ tired of it. I’m almost 54 years old and it’s time to LIVE. It’s time to have FUN.

And, in that vein…. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Yes, I’m on my way. One of the things I’ve done recently that has been totally out of my comfort zone is becoming a Beachbody Coach. I’ve been overweight since having my first child over 30 years ago. Over those 30 years I’ve tried all sorts of things….diets (wacky and otherwise), exercise (nothing like trying to exercise in your living room with your two young kids laughing behind you….isn’t THAT motivating?! *eyeroll*)… blah blah blah. Never lasted long. Pounds lost, pounds regained. My always low self esteem got lower and lower.

Until now. Somehow I jumped into this little free exercise page on Facebook and stuck with it. Then I bought a program and joined a challenge group. And stuck with it. Then I concentrated on eating clean and controlling my portions and stuck with that too! OMG, who is this person that is suddenly not giving up on herself? Who is this person I’m suddenly starting to LIKE? What is this strange feeling…. is that…. PRIDE? Umm, yeah….why the flip have I waited so long to do this for MYSELF? I am LOVING this feeling. I don’t want to give it up.

So now I’m a Coach. I’m a Coach because I want to share this feeling. I want people my age to know it’s not too late. I want younger people, like my kids, to know that it’s important to actually LIVE your life, not just go through the motions. Eat well, be healthy, have fun…LIVE. And JUMP. With both feet.

Oh, and if you’re ready to jump in with me, leave a comment below.